Welcome to my Crystal Shop on the www.  I’m Gavin and have been interested in Crystals for many years and have been using them as an integral part of my work as an energy healer. Crystals carry a most beautiful energy and can be very beneficial to our well being.

I am especially interested in Lemurian crystals. It is said that the Lemurians were an ancient civilization of highly evolved spiritual beings that lived in total harmony with the earth and all of nature. They lived in Unity Consciousness for thousands of years and held ancient knowledge relating to the keys of creation. Foreseeing a great flood and the end of their time on earth in physical form, they began seeding the earth with crystals, programming and planting them all around the world. They wanted their spiritual knowledge to be safe to assist in future times when there would be a great shift on the planet. In 1999 the first of the Lemurian seed crystals were found in a mine in Brazil. I have many crystals in the shop, all hand picked by myself, so please have a look.

If you live in or near Brighton and would like to hold a Crystal Meditation Evening, please click here for more information.

Crystal Blessings


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